2005-08-01: Survey of Google's Internet domains and DNS.

Besides their main website, Google has registered thousands of domains. In July Google added over five hundred, the largest monthly total in the last five years.

Larger networks are often home to several authoritative nameservers and Google's is no exception (we found twenty-seven).

A comprehensive survey of a particular network will include:

Knowing which domains your competitors are registering will give you an insight to where their business is going.

Sample Google reports:

All Google Domains

In July 2005 we discovered over 500 new Google domain registrations, the largest monthly total in the last five years.

All Google Nameservers

Twenty-seven authoritative nameservers were found on Google's network, shown here in order of size (# of domains served).

Google ASN Routing

Reviewing a BGP route table at the time of writing confirms that the networks being routed to Google's ASN (15169) are the same ones allocated by Arin.

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